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Question of the Month


  • John V. - Sure. The act of creating motion with artistic intention makes ANY choreography an art.
  • Amanda M. - Not always. Coordinating aircrafts taking off on the airport runway is in certain way a choreography, but not necessary art. Being an air traffic controller is just a job.
  • Etta H. - Yes, it is the act and the art of sequencing. However, if it is a “good art” – that is subjective.
  • Marie M. - No really. Art is in depth statement addressing the human condition. Putting moves together does not make all choreography art.
  • Elizabeth G. - Well, there is an intention to plan movement, but if that is all artful expression I am not sure...
  • Vlad A. - There is a difference between “choreographic phrase” which is mostly art, and “movement combination” which is not always art.
  • Julia C. - Definitely yes, however not a FINE ART in all occasions...
  • Truly B. - It depends on how you are choosing to define "Art". I do not believe that all works presented as choreography should be considered "Dance Art", some are "Performance Art"; while dance is movement, not all movement is dance.
  • Stacy P. - Yes! Art, n. artisan, articulate/ratio, from Latin "artus"joint, to join or to fit together, 1. human ability to make things: as distinguished from the world of nature, 2. making or doing of things that that display form, perception, hopefully love
  • Kimmie D. - To me art requires both aesthetic value and emotional meaning. If either is lacking it can stretch the definition to a breaking point. Fully realized art takes cultivation over time; so skills/steps without context is just an exercise of components.