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Dance ICONS is a global network for choreographers of all levels of experience, nationalities, and genres. We offer a cloud-based platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, inspiration, and debate. Dance ICONS is based in Washington, D.C., and serves choreographers the world over. 


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Choreographic Institute at DL14

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New International Choreographer’s Organization Dance ICONS
Partners with the Dance Loft To Create
Washington, D.C.’s First Choreographic Institute


Washington, DC (May 3, 2016) -- “In choreography, just like during a dance technique class, we always start simply but with the desire to go beyond,” stated Vladimir Angelov, founding director of the International Consortium for Advancement in Choreography, Inc. – Dance ICONS, The Global Network for Choreographers. A long-time choreographer himself, Angelov noted the need both in the North America and around the world for more information, support and networking for choreographers, of all levels of experience, genres and nationalities.


This newly founded Washington, D.C.-based non-profit is the first-of-its-kind dedicated to serving the professional and student choreographer exclusively, both here in Washington, D.C., and through a growing network of international representatives, in major cities and countries throughout the world. Founded in 2015, Dance ICONS is known as the global network for choreographers, providing much-needed resources on its online portal, including listings for residencies, competitions, commissions, funding, and training and more, all aggregated in a single place and just a click away. Dance ICONS will also be leading the way in developing an innovative training method for choreographers.


This system, based on years or research, trial and error and choreographic experimentation by Angelov, offers a pioneering, multidimensional and cross-disciplinary approach that integrates modern scientific processes, such as brainstorming, problem solving, innovative thinking, business, statistics, human development, psychology, neuroscience, and computer science. Young choreographers educated through this method will be equipped to create new unique dances relevant in the 21st century.


In collaboration with Dance Loft on 14, the newest studio and performance space in the Washington, D.C. region, Dance ICONS will be offering its first Choreographic Institute. This intensive course of study and practice has been developed following years of research and experience by Angelov to focus on the specific needs of the working choreographer.


The Choreographic Institute at Dance Loft on 14 will begin accepting applicants at the end of May 2016.  The academic year culminates in a world premiere of original works resulting from the intensive course of study. Each participant will be granted a professional Certification in Choreography that demonstrates they have completed the necessary requirements and now have tools to move into the choreography profession, at an educational, concert or for-profit professional level. This affordable alternative to a graduate level academic program is available for only $3,850 for the year, rather than the average annual tuition of $38, 500 for an MFA.


“We offer a very competitive intellectual framework for teaching dance composition that draws on the latest research in psychology, sociology, neuroscience, history and cognitive thinking and creativity,” said Angelov. The students will be meeting two times a week over the course of nine months. In addition, choreographers in the program will have access to rehearsal space and dancers in order to complete their choreographic assignments. “We will also mentor young choreographers on how they can improve their skills and discover their own artistic voices,” he added.


Angelov’s choreographic expertise includes commissions from renowned companies including the Kirov (now Mariinsky) Ballet, Tokyo City Ballet, National Ballet of Mexico, Ballet Arizona, San Francisco Ballet, Richmond Ballet and The Washington Ballet. A native of Bulgaria, he graduated from the National Ballet School in Sofia and studied philosophy at the University of Sofia before completing his masters degree in choreography at American University in Washington, D.C.


Paul Emerson, founder an artistic director of Company E, an internationally renowned touring company, regularly hires emerging and mid-career international choreographers for his troupe. He said, “In ICON SMART, I see a very well-conceived method that fits for young choreographers who just came out of college or have performing careers and are passionate to choreograph as well, yet they are not completely sure and confident of their unique skills. This method fills in that gap.”


Diana Moveius, founder and artistic director of Washington, D.C.-based Movius Ballet and owner of Dance Loft on 14, added: “Just by looking at the ICON SMART content and curriculum, especially how well it integrates … the different arts and sciences in a global cultural context, I believe this is a highly innovative way of teaching the craft of choreography.”


The professional development package includes meetings with master choreographers visiting the Washington, D.C. area. ICON SMART participants will also be eligible for a professional choreographic commission with both Dance Loft resident troupes, Company E and Moveius Ballet. Including the possibility of a world premiere during an upcoming season.




Dance ICONS, the global network for choreographers, is gaining traction in the field and on social media as the first organization for both the creative and practical needs of the choreographer. This one-of-a-kind global network will serve choreographers of all genres, all nationalities, all levels of experience. It will provide essential information choreographers need: from a database of residencies, to announcements on festival and commissioning opportunities, to educational resources for the rising young dancemaker who wishes to enter the field, to mentoring opportunities for leaders in the dance field.


For more information on the Choreographic Institute at Dance Loft on 14, contact vlad@danceicons@org.


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