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Dance ICONS is a global network for choreographers of all levels of experience, nationalities, and genres. We offer a cloud-based platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, inspiration, and debate. Dance ICONS is based in Washington, D.C., and serves choreographers the world over. 


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Agencies and Presenters for Choreographers/Companies


IMG Artists

IMGA is a large multi-continental agency that has been providing management services to artists and celebrities for over thirty years. Besides supporting other art fields and events, IMGA helps manage choreographers and dance companies from a diverse range of dance styles. Among their clients are modern, ballet, and ethnic dance companies and choreographers. They have offices across the globe, and their New York City office can be reached here. (



Sozo Artists

Sozo takes its name and inspiration from the Japanese word for “imagine and create” and focuses on managing and promoting new and upcoming artists. They support choreographers with vision and a goal to inform and educate their public. Their resident choreographers come from varied dance disciplines and they embrace artistic overlap. They can be contacted here. (




With forty years of industry experience, Pentacle is proud to provide not-for-profit managerial services to small and medium scale companies and choreographers. They focus their expertise on dance and theater, supporting companies that perform modern, ethnic, and hip hop dance.  Their Director of Booking and Artist Representation can be reached here. (



Lotus Arts Management

Lotus Arts Management is a choreography agency that provides services exclusively to dance companies, allowing them to hone and focus their skills specifically to the needs of choreographers. They support a mix of new and established artists in a tight-knit and dedicated fashion. Because they support a shorter roster than other agencies, they devote immense care to their artists. Lotus Arts can be reached here. (



KMP Artists

KMP is a young and energetic agency that has special experience and skills in international touring and support. They offer managerial support to a sizable group of music, dance, and multi-media artists. Among the dance artists they support are contemporary ballet companies as well as modern and ethnic groups from multiple continents. KMP can be reached here. (



PMG Arts Management

PMG provides fantastic management and support to an intimate group of revolutionary dance companies. They assist choreographers that embrace cultural heritage and embrace dance companies as well as dance theater groups. The founder, Pamela Green, brings a plethora or relevant management experience to PMG. PMG’s general inquiries can be reached here. (



Sunny Arts Management

SAM is a management agency that focuses solely on dance and choreography artists. With its multinational connections and experience with established modern dance companies, SAM provides expert support. They also have standing relationships with many reputable and famous performance venues. SAM can be reached here. (insert link to:



Ping Pong Productions

Ping Pong Productions is a specialized agency that provides support to artists, including choreographers, with the express goal of connecting China and the rest of the world through the arts. Among artists from all fields, Ping Pong supports dance companies and dance theater and has the infrastructure for touring. Their productions always have a cultural relationship to China, and they integrate Chinese art into new venues. Their Beijing headquarters can be reached here. (insert link to:



Stepping Grounds

Stepping Grounds is an international agency, based in The Hague, that focuses on support of individual artists, such as choreographers and composers. Their founder, Patrick Marín, comes from a dance background, and the agency has experience with supporting choreographers. Their headquarters in The Hague can be reached here. (insert link to:



An International Dance Agency

AIDA is an international agency, based in Germany, that focuses on individual dancers and choreographers. They support dancers in styles that range from ballet to burlesque and touch on everything in between. Their focus on individual dancers and choreographers allows them to give tailored and personal support. Their headquarters in Berlin can be reached here. (insert link to:



Piccadilly Arts

Piccadilly Arts is a small but focused management agency that specializes in event management. In terms of choreography, they have experience helping launch new artists and they like to support multi-media and interdisciplinary art and choreography. They are based in Pennsylvania and can be reached here. (insert link to:




The Cooper Company

The Cooper Company is a huge agency that helps manage a variety of different artists, from many fields and backgrounds. They support non-dance arts, but they have a group of specific choreographers whom they support, including emerging and established artists. They also support individual dancers and full companies, giving them experience in supporting all types of dancers and choreographers. They can be reached here. (Insert link to:



Clear Talent Group

CTG is a premier agency that manages choreographers and dancers, especially in the commercial dance field. They have offices in LA, NYC, and New Orleans and have experience representing individual dancers, as well as TV shows that feature dancing and choreography. For commercial style dance, CTG has resources all over the country and experience in management for various mediums. Their primary office is in LA, and can be reached here. (Insert link to:




Bloc is a national US agency with main offices in LA and NYC, with specific skills for commercial dance and choreography. They represent a wide variety of dancers and choreographers, both from commercial styles to classical ballet. Bloc also has an extensive program of management for emerging artists. Their clients have choreographed for movies, music tours, TV shows, and all sorts of other performance arts. They can be reached here. (Insert link to:



The Movement Talent Agency

The Movement is an interdisciplinary entertainment agency that focuses on representing both the arts and athletics. They have resources for event-based and continued management, and they are experts in media outreach. They look for clients who are both working artists and beginning artists. Their dancers and choreographers come from a commercial background, but they look for talent and innovation. Their headquarters in Los Angeles can be reached here. (Insert link to:



Go 2 Talent Agency

GTA is a vibrant agency that specializes exclusively in dance and choreography. They are experts in management for commercial and media-based choreography, but they also have plenty of clients from other fields of the dance world. They support many mediums of chorography, and can be reached here. (Insert link to:



McDonald/Selznick Associates

MSA is a premier agency, with a well-recognized name in arts management. With well over eighty choreographers under their talent roster, MSA has extensive experience supporting dance arts and specifically choreography. They do have a focus on commercial styles and presenting various forms of dance in various mediums, especially on television. They can be reached here. (Insert link to:



Assis Carreiro

Ms. Carreiro is a choreographic agent based in the UK with plenty of international experience. She runs her own management services for a very diverse and large group of choreographers from around the world. She is ideal for personalized management for choreography around the world. Reach out to her here. (Insert link to:



Bernard Schmidt Productions

Bernard Schmidt is a global agency that specializes in touring and multi-national artistic collaboration. They support companies from all over the world and help them bring performances to many new and exciting venues. They can help choreographers of all styles, from ballet to West African dance, present their choreography across the globe. They can be reached here. (Insert link to:



Opus 3 Artists

Opus 3 is one of the most established management agencies in the world, with connections not just in the US, but across the globe. While it started with musical performances, the agency has grown to support choreographers and dance companies of the highest caliber. They have a couple of offices for site-specific help, and they specialize in touring and event management. They can be reached here. (Insert link to:




Sheffield Global Arts Management

SGA is a worldwide agency, that focuses solely on dance and choreography. They have an exclusive roster of creative companies, each with strong traditions of choreographic vision. They help these companies perform locally and in new venues, and they help support the new choreographic processes of the respective artistic directors. They can be reached here. (Insert link to: SHEFFIELDFRANCINE@GMAIL.COM)