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Choreographic Residencies & Opportunities:  Current listings for the U.S. and around the globe

Trending:  With the vernal equinox and the spring arriving, see Rite of Spring around the globe.

New Works & Events:  Akram Khan & Israel Galvan in Torobaka, Company E in Generations

In the Movies:  Feelings Are Facts is a new documentary on the life and career of Yvonne Rainer.

Talks & Conferences: Wayne McGregor/Cunningham’s Fabrications/Body & Computers Conference

Choreography Competitions: Win $250 - $5,000 by choreographing in the U.S. and Denmark.

Books:  Moving Still by Lois Greenfield choreographing for the still camera.






ARIZONA: Company choreographers are invited to apply for the Wickenburg Residency with the opportunity to pursue new projects, mount work or collaborate with other artists, free from everyday pressures. These residencies are intended for chamber dance companies. Previous dance companies have included American Ballet Theatre II and Northwest Dance Theatre. Residencies are up to three weeks and the average number of artists in residence at a time ranges between one and five. Application is open to U.S. artists and is ongoing.


CALIFORNIA: The Asia Pacific Performance Exchange (APPEX) is an international residency program with a focus on American and Asian artists that has brought together more than 250 traditional and contemporary artists of varying disciplines from America and from Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Vietnam. The six-week intensive residency sessions are held on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and in Indonesia. Email: or visit


FLORIDA: The ​Regional Dance America’s ​National ​Choreography ​Intensive 2016 ​(NCI) ​is ​a ​multi-faceted ​program ​providing  ​emerging ​and ​seasoned ​choreographers with ​the ​unparalleled ​opportunity ​to ​work, ​study, ​and ​create ​under ​the ​guidance ​of ​nationally ​recognized ​professionals ​in ​the ​fields ​of ​music ​and ​dance. ​The ​NCI ​provides a ​one-of-a-kind ​experience ​for ​dancers ​and choreographers to ​work ​within ​a ​variety ​of ​styles and genres.​ Visit:


KANSAS: The Department of Dance at the University of Kansas offers a choreographic fellowship for dance makers to share and further develop work while also giving dance students the experience of an intensive creative and rehearsal process with a professional choreographer. Selected choreographers teach master classes, set works upon members of the University Dance Company. The next choreographic fellowship competition takes place in the fall of 2016. Submissions accepted starting April 1, 2016. Upload submissions via 1acceptd1. Visit:


LOUISIANA/NATIONAL: An NPN residency directly fosters engagement between touring artists and the community it is visiting by bringing artists and their creative tools to new constituencies and audiences across a wide array of settings. NPN residencies support salaries, transportation, housing, per diem, and more. Residencies take place at NPN partners in 28 states and 42 cities across the U.S. Email: or visit


MASSACHUSETTS: Earthdance is open to dancers, improvisers, visual artists, writers, and creators of all kinds who have a piece that needs completing in an environment surrounded by the quiet of forested hills? Spend a month in Plainfield, in rural western Massachusetts, surrounded by trees, land, and sky in an artistic retreat residency with the opportunity to share your teaching by offering a weekly class to fellow residents and local community. Email:


NEW YORK: As part of Tribeca Performing Arts Center’s hallmark Artists in Residence program, talented artists working in music, dance, and theater create commanding new performances that premiere as part of the annual Work & Show Festival held this June. Email: or visit


NEW YORK: Seeking emerging and established choreographers and dance companies for the fifth Biomorphic Dance Festival hosted by Megan Lynn/Asterial Dance. This two-day festival will be held March 19 and 20 at the West End Theater. Choreographers can submit up to 15 minutes of new or existing work. For more information and an application, please contact Megan at


OREGON: NW Dance Project in Portland announces a call for entries for Pretty Creatives International Choreographic Competition to identify two emerging choreographers who will each have the opportunity to create an original work. Selected choreographers will participate in a six-day summer residency from July 11 to 16, 2016, during the innovative LAUNCH Project. Deadline is March 25, 2016. Visit:


PENNSYLVANIA: Philadelphia’s Ballet X launches its Choreographic Fellowship program, an opportunity for emerging artists to expand their experience and further develop their unique voices under the mentorship and guidance of established choreographers. Deadline is March 15, 2016.  Visit:


WASHINGTON, D.C.: Launching its 40th anniversary season, Dance Exchange’s summer training institute features innovative creative practices and boundary-breaking dance making opportunities. Institute participants from the greater Washington, D.C., region and across the globe gather as leaders, innovators, movers, and thinkers in a multigenerational collective intent on deeply engaging in and with community. Open to dancers, dancemakers, and those interested in moving and community who are 18 years old and up, participants will experience daily movement classes, sessions in core practices including Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process, and meaningful dance making beyond the studio with partners in forestry, health care, human rights, and science education. Scholarships, work/study and a payment plan are available for the July 8-17, 2016, program at Dance Exchange studios in Takoma Park, Md.





BELGIUM: Young contemporary dance choreographers are invited to apply for The Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.) — an international school for contemporary dance in Brussels, founded and directed by choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Auditions are for young dancers and choreographers looking for international, top-level training in dance and choreography. The student body is composed of young artists from Iceland, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Japan, Lebanon, the U.S., and Brazil.


FRANCE: BAU Institute Camargo Fellowship provides interdisciplinary residencies in France and Italy with uninterrupted time and space to develop new work in settings of cultural interest and extraordinary natural beauty. The two-to four-week residency August 1-22, 2016, in Cassis, France, will culminate at a public exhibition and reading/performance at FiveMyles gallery in Brooklyn, N.Y., in January 2017. Visit: Apply at, deadline March 15, 2016. Email:


GERMANY: The Pact Zollverein choreographic residencies in the Ruhr District are offered from January to July 2017 and provide a work space with production support. A public presentation of the work isn't envisaged. Online applications opens May 9, 2016, and must be completed by June 13, 2016. Visit:


GERMANY: Emerging ballet choreographers interested in creating their first piece in a professional environment can apply to the Baden State Ballet Karlsruhe. Artistic Director Birgit Keil aims to nurture talent from within her company’s own ranks, but applications from abroad are welcome, too. The new pieces will be presented on July 9, 2016, at the State Theater Karlsruhe. If interested contact:



GERMANY: Young and emerging street dance and industrial choreographers are invited to apply for  the international Urban Dance Camp in Lörrach, Germany. UDC is the world’s leading international dance intensive workshop of street dance styles with the highest standard of dancers, teachers and choreographers from more than 33 countries worldwide. Visit:

Video sample of the style:


INDIA: IGNITE! Festival of Contemporary Dance 2016 invites applications from choreographers and film-makers for submission of performance works, video works or dance films. The curatorial theme of “Body in Politics” hopes to open up ways of thinking about the body in relation to the politics of identity, gender, sexuality, governance, and censorship. Submitted works must have been performed at least once, and must be a complete version. The final selections will be announced by April 29, 2016. Deadline: March 13, 2016. Visit:


INDIA: Open call for Classical Roots ‘D’: A series of workshops on classical dance held in Bangalore March 18-20, 2016. The workshop is conducted by Rama Vaidyanathan, a leading exponent of Bharatanatyam, a South Indian classical dance form. The workshop will offer an analysis into the approach of choreographing, finding inspiration, structuring a piece, and the choices made while creating.



INDIA: Open call for exclusive contemporary dance and partner-work workshop organized by Play Practice Residency in Bangalore in collaboration with HumanHood Dance Company, UK. The workshop will take place on March 13, 2016. The main focus will be on the articulation and precision of the body while exploring different movement qualities, as well as the exploration of group dynamics and adapting to a partner. Contact or visit


INDIAContemporary choreographers are invited to apply for the annual artist-in-residence program, hosted by Gati Dance Forum in New Delhi, which facilitates the creation of new work by providing choreographers with free access to studio space, professional classes, and workshops. At the conclusion of the three-month program the choreographer is expected to present a work-in-progress. A short biography and an artist’s statement on the proposed work are required.  Contact or visit


ITALY: Choreographers of diverse genres and all ages and nationalities are welcome for one to three months to Glosoli International Residency for Artists in Torino. Glosoli is a space for artists, different art forms, dance and Afro-contemporary dance in particular. Glosoli is particularly interested in the connection between art and nature, assisting residents in finding wonderful locations and inspiration for original art work. Presentation of artists’ works is arranged on a case-by-case basis. Visit:!about2/cfah.


TAIWAN: Soulangh Artist Village is in the former Jiali Sugar Refinery. In 2016, site-specific art will be the theme for resident interdiciplinary artists to create projects at sites in Soulangh, including the warehouses, lawns, outdoor installations, railway tracks, or Children’s Museum of Art. The program includes  accommodations, working studios, networking to international art scene, and 30,000 NTD for living expenses and implementation of projects. Visit:


TAIWAN: The Taipei Artist Village and Treasure Hill Artist Village are secluded by a serene garden, but within vibrant Taipei City. The residency provides opportunity for innovative makers of visual art, music, literature, and performance art and fosters artistic and cultural exchange between Taiwan and the rest of the world. Housing 10 residents for eight to 12 weeks, the program is open to U.S. and non-U.S. artists and includes private housing, use of studio, and media equipment. Email: or visit:





Spring is coming … The vernal equinox, or the first day of spring, comes to the northern hemisphere on March 20. To celebrate the new season, here are excerpts from different choreographic versions.



Pina Bausch’s Rite of Spring, danced in Germany, to the riot-inducing and ground-breaking Igor Stravinsky score:

Edward Clug’s Le sacre du printemps for the Maribor Ballet at the National Theater in Slovenia:

A mashup of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” video with an excerpt from Stravinsky’s score:





Feelings Are Facts is a new 90-minute documentary on the life and career of Yvonne Rainer. In 1962, as a founding member of New York’s Judson Dance Theater, Rainer revolutionized modern dance by introducing everyday movements like walking and running into the dance lexicon. In “Feelings Are Facts,” Rainer, now 81, returns to choreography, as she continues to create vibrant, courageous, unpredictable dances that invite audiences to question basic assumptions about art and performance. Visit:


An intimate dance follows the transformational dance journeys of three Pioneer Valley, Mass., residents: Albert, a skeptical beginner; Rythea, on a survivor’s journey of recovery; and Eugene, who pushes himself to the physical and social edge from his wheelchair. Through contact improvisation, a dance form that combines mindfulness, trust, sharing of weight, playfulness and creativity, each of the stories conveys the struggle to come home to one’s body in safety, dignity, and vitality. The film highlights the history of contact improvisation, with Steve Paxton, the founder of contact; dance professors Chris Aiken (Smith College) and Nita Little; scenes of contact around the world; and the neuroscience of the biological phenomena in contact improvisation.



Europe Endless is a new 30-minute film showing a day in the European Parliament and surrounding areas. It was inspired by the work and lifestyle of the Eurocrats in Brussel’s EU district and features five dancers. The characters dance, run and glide through the empty spaces in an atmosphere beyond time, decontextualized, in an architectural non-site. The stage version of Europe Endless began in 2014 as a site-specific work at Brussels’ BOZAR Old Masters’ Museum  as part of the program “20 young choreographers for Brussels.” Visit:







AUSTRIA: The theme of  Imagetanz Festival 2016 in Vienna is “What's New in Choreography and Dance?” The festival, March 3-18, 2016, focuses on a fundamental question: How can artists initiate a change in their own communities, neighborhoods, cities? Imagetanz 2016 creates a tension between solo works — as fundamental artistic statements — and formats that bring communities together. BRUT Vienna is known one of the most important institutions for independent performance, dance and theater in German-speaking countries. Visit:


CANADA: More than 20 performances by many of Canada’s leading contemporary dance companies, choreographers, and artists are featured in the 2016 Canada Dance Festival performance schedule. This year’s festival in the nation’s capital showcases challenging new ideas through powerful movement and beautiful movers — all telling uniquely Canadian stories in dance. The festival runs June 4-11, 2016, in Ottawa. Video:


FRANCE: With “Cabaret Danse” the Ballet du Rhin brings dance closer to its audience. Excerpts of the company’s current repertory will be shown in the Salle Jean-Pierre Ponelle in Strasbourg on March 4, 5 and 6, 2016. Visit:


GERMANY: New triple bill “Kammerballette” for the Stuttgart Ballet includes the world premiere of “Neurons” with choreography by Katarzyna Kozielska. The piece deals with cerebral activity and the origination of awareness. The music is by John Adams and Max Richter. “Kammerballette” premieres on March 4, 2016. Video:


GERMANY: At the Semperoper Ballet Dresden, Alexander Ekman’s new piece “COW” will premiere March 12, 2016. As the title suggests, Ekman explores cows and intends to look beyond what one expects from ballet. The music, composed by Mikael Karlsson, was recorded by the National Youth Orchestra. Video:


GERMANY: The Ballett am Rhein presents “b.27,” a new triple bill, on March 18, 2016. At its core is a new piece by the company’s artistic director, Martin Schläpfer: “Variationen und Partiten.” It’s the first time he creates to music by Beethoven, which he contrasts with Bach’s “Partita No.6.” Balanchine’s “Duo Concertant” and “The Green Table” by Kurt Jooss complement the program. Visit:


INDIA: Hrishikesh’s Centre of Contemporary Dance in Pune presents “Aatman,”  a contemporary work that explores the concept of spirituality and its influence on the individual idea of being. Samples of the company’s last work:


NETHERLANDS: Running from through February 20, 2016, the Holland Dance Festival presents exciting contemporary dance works and companies from around the world. This year celebrates 20 years of Samuel Wuersten as artistic director. Video trailer of festival highlights:


UNITED KINGDOM: Inspired by John Singer Sargent’s Portrait of Madame X from 1884, choreographer Christopher Wheeldon created Strapless, a new work – his eighth for the  Royal Ballet. It runs through March 11, 2016, at the Royal Opera House. Here is an earlier recorded interview with him:





NETHERLANDS: The School for New Dance Development SNDO – at top European college – is a full-time, four-year professional education course leading to a bachelor of dance in choreography. SNDO seeks students passionate in the creative process. Former artists in residence include choreographers Steve Paxton, Debora Hay, and others. Deadline: March 13, 2016. Visit:





NEW YORK: Combining the vocabularies of Kathak, a South Indian classical dance form, and contemporary flamenco, choreographers Akram Khan and Israel Galvan share a stage and a language in “Torobaka,” which is making its New York premiere March 2-5, 2016, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Both dancers use percussive footwork and powerful articulate gestures as they face off and mirror one another in an exciting exchange. Visit:


NEW YORK: The Young Choreographer’s Festival, now in its seventh year, presents the work of up-and-coming 18- to 25-year-old choreographers in all genres of dance at Symphony Space in New York, N.Y., in order to educate, foster, and cultivate talented young artists via a platform to successfully pursue a career in dance. YCF’s Educational Programming Element puts its young choreographers in direct contact with established professionals and provides selected choreographers with a mentor throughout their process, along with private workshop classes, a talk-back panel, and rehearsal space. Visit:


WASHINGTON, D.C.:Generations,” an evening-length celebration of Polish choreography ranging from the Holocaust to the latest works from rising choreographic stars, will be presented March 16-17, 2016, at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Featured choreographers include the late Polish native and Washington, D.C., modern dance matriarch Pola Nirenska’s Dirge,” from her Holocaust Tetralogy. Presented by internationally known Company E, the program also features “Who Let the Dogs Out,” by Polish-born choreographer Lidia Wos, and a world premiere by 26-year-old Robert Bondara, who grew up after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and is emerging as a choreographer in the new Poland through his work with the Polish National Ballet. Visit:





TED Talk: “WAYNE MCGREGOR and the Choreographic Process as Physical Thinking”: What made McGregor want to become a choreographer? Onstage at TEDGlobal the London-based dancemaker revealed his two childhood inspirations: John Travolta’s moves in the movie “Saturday Night Fever” and a forward-thinking dance teacher who encouraged him to invent his own dances. “I’m obsessed with technology of the body,” said McGregor, founder of his own troupe, Random Dance. Here’s a 15-minute chat with McGregor:


FRIDAYS AT NOON, an educational collaboration between 92Y Harkness Dance Center and NYU’s Tisch Dance & New Media Program, live streams each Fridays At Noon performance at:


April 1, 2016, noon: Merce Cunningham’s Fabrications (1987), a full company dance with music by Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, and décor by Dove Bradshaw.





CALIFORNIA: The Choreographer’s Cup studio competition by Monsters Dance has helped launch hundreds of dancers’ careers through performance and training opportunities. The Choreographer’s Cup is designed for aspiring choreographers worldwide who will put their skills to the test at this year’s Choreographer’s Cup in Los Angeles in August 2016. Top prize is $5,000. Visit:


CALIFORNIA/FLORIDA: National Choreography Competition: Project Creation Choreography Competition is for up-and-coming pre-professional and professional choreographers to showcase their works and be seen by leaders in the dance industry. Deadline is April 25, 2016, and the winner receives $5,000 cash; the opportunity to teach at a minimum of one Artists Simply Human city tour stop during the 2016-17 tour season; and representation by one of the top choreography agents in the dance world. Submit a video of your work via YouTube. Visit:


COLORADO: Choreographer Robert Sher-Machherndl of Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet launches an annual International Contemporary Choreography Competition to discover and promote emerging choreographers. Participants are required to choreograph an original solo, duet or group work up to 5 minutes in length, which may be performed by the choreographer or other dancers. Choreographers compete for awards of $1,000 to $250. Post performance constructive criticism available upon request. Competition is April 10, 2016, at  Dairy Center for the Arts, Performance Space, Boulder, Colo. Visit:


NEW YORK: The Battery Dance Festival (formerly known as the Downtown Dance Festival) is New York City’s longest-running free public dance festival. The festival provides a unique opportunity for both professional and emerging dancers and choreographers to present original works of high artistic merit in a free public forum. Please submit the work you plan to present, no longer than 20 minutes. Deadline is March 1, 2016. Visit:


OREGON: Oregon Ballet Theatre sponsors a choreographic competition for female choreographers whose three winners will have the chance to create a new ballet for OBT to premiere in the summer of 2017. Choreography XX is OBT’s newly launched competition to promote original work by North American female choreographers. Applicants must be female, 21 years of age or older, and a citizen of the U.S. or Canada, and submit a video link of a complete work between 15 and 25 minutes in length, along with an artist statement and other materials. Deadline is March 31, 2016. Applicants will be notified by May 30, 2016. Visit:


DENMARK/EUROPE: Copenhagen International Choreography Competition is accepting applications from professional choreographers under age 45. Works may be solos, duets or group pieces, between 5 and 15 minutes in length, created after January 1, 2015 (or premiering at the competition). The competition is focused on contemporary works and takes place August 5-6, 2016, as a platform to discover and promote emerging contemporary choreographers. Deadline is May 22, 2016. Visit:!application/oo2ty.




RHODE ISLAND: Providence’s Brown University will convene a diverse set of experts — including choreographers, anthropologists, technologists, and musicians, among others — for invitation-only programming that explores potential shared research and creative projects on the future of human/computer interfaces at the Conference for Choreographic Interfaces (CRCI) March 4-5, 2016.


As software is integrated into more consumer products and computing devices shrink while acquiring unprecedented capabilities, the performed gestures of the human body have become the interface mechanism of choice for emerging technologies. Computing devices may be able to sense human gesture, but the diversity of human bodies and expressivity remains an unsolved engineering problem.


Recent software failures in this arena include the early Nest Thermostats’ inability to differentiate between hand gestures for “turn off” and “I'm on fire,” and Google image search’s confusion of African Americans for gorillas. The Conference for Choreographic Interfaces (CRCI) March 4-5, 2016, at Brown University will convene a diverse set of experts — including choreographers, anthropologists, technologists and musicians, among others — for invitation-only programming that explores  potential shared For information on the Conference for Choreographic Interfaces, visit:





Moving Still, by Lois Greenfield
A dance photographer who choreographs for the still camera, her latest book has been called “dazzling,” “stunning,” and “a photo book that dances before viewers’ very eyes” by CNN.

To purchase, visit:








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