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Dance ICONS is a global network for choreographers of all levels of experience, nationalities, and genres. We offer a cloud-based platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, inspiration, and debate. Dance ICONS is based in Washington, D.C., and serves choreographers the world over. 


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Our honorary members come from different backgrounds, genres, generations and nations, yet we are unified in our efforts to achieve excellence and foster progressive thinking in choreography.


Annabelle Lopez Ochoa (BELGIUM/ COLUMBIA)

Interim President


Kyle Abraham (USA)

Interim Vice President




Debbie Allen (USA), Tatiana Baganova (RUSSIA), Ronald K. Brown (USA), Jiri Bubenicek (CZECH REPUBLIC), Deborah Colker (BRAZIL), David Dawson (UK/ GERMANY), Neil Ieremia (NEW ZEALAND),  Lorenzo Rennie Harris (USA), Liz Lerman (USA), Ashely Lobo (INDIA) Hans Van Manen (NETHERLANDS),  Arsen Mehrabyan (ARMENIA)Krzysztof Pastor (POLAND)Stephen Petronio (USA)Rinana Raz (ISRAEL), Amelia Rudolph (USA) Toru Shimazaki (JAPAN), Christian Spuck (GERMANY), Jo Stromgren (NORWAY),  Ea Torrado (PHILIPPINESS),  Osnel Delgado Wambrug (CUBA)Yuan Yuan Wang (CHINA)






Naima Prevots, Ph.D., President,

Distinguished Dance Scholar



James E. Armstrong, IV, President

Attorney at law, Partner, Locke Lord LLP


George Jackson, Vice President,

Distinguished Dance Critic


Michael C. Lillys, Vice President

Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets, LLC

Member Board of Trustees, Pennsylvania Ballet


Douglas Yeuell, CEO and Producing Director,

Atlas Performing Arts Center, Washington DC


Krassimir Genov, 

Senior Director, Product Marketing,

MicroStrategy, LLC 

Rainer Woihsyk,

CEO and Producing Director,

Noverre Society for Choreographers, Stuttgart



Kristopher McDowell,

CEO & Producing Director

KMP, Inc.



Regina Zhirui Zou, PhD

Ballet Department Chair

Beijing Dance Academy, China





Vladimir Angelov, Founder and Executive Director


Rebecca Lallande, Executive Assistant
Camilla Acquista, Content Editor Contributor
Asami Seki, International News Contributor
Diana Moveius, Co-Director, Choreographic Institute


Boris Willis, Director of Media Technology
Charles Scheland, Senior Researcher and Global Database
Theo Kossenas, Director of Web Development and Management


Dance Journalists and Contributing Writers:

Lisa Traiger (USA), Christina Lindenmuth (USA) Jessica Teague (UK/Germany)
Laura Chappelle (France) Althea Skinner (South America)


Kora Alfonseca, Graphic Design;  Paul Gordon Emerson, Dance Art Photgraphy
Margaret Riddle, Treasury and Bookkeeping; Ken Smith, CPA, Tax and Accounting
Julie Agurkis, Senior Researcher & US Databasing
Jessica Acolin, Researcher; Alison Eigsti , Researcher; Cecily Lo, Researcher